Here is a reminder. The Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) conducted a public survey in 2019. The results?

Only 3% of people were in favor of TOLLS!

The know people want traffic congestion relief, but they do NOT believe tolling is a fair or reasonable means to pay for transportation projects.

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Thanks Dan. I want to coin a new phrase. Everyone knows what a Kangaroo Court is. It sounds like Oregon will have a KANGAROO COMMISSION!!!

Another FIRST for Oregon??? Goes along with some other noteworthy OR events.

CRC Debacle $200 million plus for ZERO.

Health Insurance disaster.

Unemployment computer failure, many deserving Oregonians not being paid. Especially in education.


Luxury Level Portland Water Building.

Tram cost overruns.

New Clarissa cleanup comedy.

My favorite--The EXPLODING WHALE.

ODOT and our state government should stick to something VERY simple.

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