Mandy Putney and the ODOT staff have been misleading or outright lying to people for years. I attended 5 of the 6 "Value Pricing PAC" meetings and they manipulated the entire process, failing to give elected officials like Clackamas County's Paul Savas input ZERO consideration.

The ODOT staff and their paid consultants (WSP) refuse to be honest about how much the addition of TWO LANES to I-205 (one in each direction) will reduce traffic congestion.

Instead they simply say congestion will be reduced by 12 hours (from 14 hours today) because of BOTH the TOLLING and the additional lane.

Common sense indicates the 50% INCREASE in vehicle capacity is the largest single reason for the reduction in congestion.

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John, we actually posted a study, from ODOT, stating that adding a lane to I-5, between Hwy 217 and I-205, congestion diminished by about 58%. That said, adding a 3rd lane to I-205 should hit the 50% mark.


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Daniel -

At least!

I believe the Cascade Policy Institute shared the information you reference regarding Hwy 217.

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Dan - you are spot on! ODOT and Salem has not and will not solve this problem or provide answers. ODOT is counting every objection and comment as a "citizen engagement" - they proudly report thousands of them and pat themselves on their backs for doing sucha good jib.

Only IP-4 puts tolling in the citizen's hands by requiring a regional Vote Before Tolls. Download, print, and sign the petition at https://VoteBeforeTolls.org It's not too late, do it now!

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