Thanks Dan & Rory!!!

The Fuel Tax takes one half of a one percent. Interesting comparison.

Out of state collection vendor was mentioned. Could this also be out of country.??? They speak great English in Pakistan.

ODOT lost my confidence & respect when their Supervisors were convicted of stealing six million dollars of equipment. This took years and years to uncover. Three more people burning our taxes sleeping at the State Pen.

Burning over seven bucks in our tolls to realize one dollar is ultimately crazy!! What would Mark Cuban and the Shark Tankers say??

FYI, our OHSU Tram was supposed to cost 15.5 million.

It actually cost about 57 million. Operating cost is close to double the estimate. OHSU withheld info and was not "transparent"

Pennsylvania started tolls in 1940. About 17 BILLION in debt now. Tolls are not a sure-bet.

PLEASE Write to everyone in Government.


is the IP-4 site.

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IP-4, the Vote Before Tolls initiative is the ONLY WAY to force accountability on ODOT and our State Legislators.

They won't fix this - we need a seat at the table so we can do better together!

We need your signature to get IP-4 on the ballot. It's not too late, IP-4 covers all of the current tolling proposals, and the only thing keeping IP-4 from the ballot is enough signatures - they can't stop us!

Learn more here: https://VoteBeforeTolls.org

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Thank you, Dan! More importantly, THANK YOU Mayor Rory!

This is unbelievable information. ODOT apparently believes it is "good business" to allow the "cost of collection" on tolling to be 85.6 percent. That is truly outrageous.

The "cost of collection" for gas taxes is under 1 percent. That means 99 cents of every dollar goes to repair and maintain roads and bridges.

The people expect EFFICIENT use of our tax dollars. That apparently is not of importance to ODOT or their highly paid WSP consultants.

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